My state without a Union

I’ve been spoiled by working too many union teaching jobs. When I was told report card pick up day was this week, I asked “When do we come in?”  In my old union jobs we would work 6- 8 hours as usual for parent conferences, but at my charter school we stay 11 1/2 hours without overtime pay.


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New Job, Same Issues

I shouted again at my students more than once today. It’s only my fourth day as a special education resource teacher at a charter school in an urban district. I’m a balding, middle aged, bespectled white male. My students are energetic African American 4th-6th graders with various disabilities. The school has hours of testing on Fridays (Thanks NCLB!) so at one point before lunch I had all of my restless students show up in my room-some with tests I was supposed to adapt or proctor, others with no work, all with attitudes.

While the morning was OK, the afternoon was horrible. I probably am burned out, but with a family of seven I don’t have the luxury of pursuing a mid-life career change. Instead I plod along being a mediocre teacher for students who may need more than I can give-even if it were my best.

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