I hate calling student’s parents. Last week I called several and tried to give a little praise mixed in with the reports of defiance and failure to turn in homework. The next day a parent showed up during reading. I invited her to sit down, but she said she wasn’t parked legally. She walked behind her son and BAM! smacked him in the head, told him to pay attention and left. Of course I had to call her that night and explain that even parents shouldn’t strike their kids when in school.

A feral third grader recently added to one of my reading groups has been verbally threatening the other kids, rapping, thumping and rolling around on the floor, among other things. I wanted to phone his house, but every number listed on the emergency contact sheet is disconnected. At the end of the day I saw him crying and stumbling backward into the hallway from his homeroom, followed by a formidably large woman who stepped forward and shoved him again.


February 28, 2010. Education.

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