Slurpees and Big Gulps

As I was about to leave at 4:30, a young attractive colleague asked me if I had ever heard (SLUUUURRRP) in my classroom. She had inhaled and sucked her tongue.

Mostly this week I heard a lot of insulting,whining, and complaining. And passing of gas. The sixth graders all seemed to be suffering from flatulence on Thursday. One boy let  go of a might blast during Corrective Reading, causing our circle to become a large polygon.

“Yeah, I guess so.” A cold and cough was making the rounds. I still have it. I probably had heard some slurps.

She told me ” Well 6th grader X is at home getting beaten by his mom for doing that?”

“Uh…getting a beating for (slurp)?” Sixth grade student X is nearly as tall as me and weighs about 200 pounds.

The attractive young teacher had to explain to me that the students were creating the sounds of oral sex, then made a hasty retreat.


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Yesterday was a blur. During fourth grade reading, I had a disruptive student loudly announce she hated herself and was going to kill herself after I had sent her the “break area” of my room.  At the same time another student was in tears and his face was red and swollen because I wouldn’t let him go by himself to talk to the music teacher, another kid was rolling on the floor laughing, a third grade special ed. student had suddenly appeared because there was no one to monitor him elsewhere, and two “consult” students had arrived to take a test in a “separate, quiet setting” other than their homerooms.

It was at that moment the school principal entered and asked, “How is it going?”

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Our school has a large classroom called the library, but no librarian or library budget.  Last week I naively suggested a parent take her child to the public library when she spoke about buying more reading materials. “Oh, I can’t do that” she said. “It’s too dangerous.”

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Blue Monday

I started out this week arriving 8 minutes late to work ( thanks  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act!) and was told there was a parent who waiting to see me upstairs. I thought, “What’s gone wrong now?” but it was merely a late report card pick up. While I was meeting with her, I noticed several incomplete  homework assignments in the meeting room’s garbage can. I had given them to another parent the week before to have her son complete them.

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