I just called to say…

One of my reading students’ behavior finally got to me. While his peers find ways to be gloriously loud and disruptive, he indulges in chronic minor offenses-all with a smile. I had been keeping a record and finally got fed up. He had argued, brought up irrelevant topics,  untrue accusations, and was dismissive the entire reading bloc, so I called his mother to warn her if the behaviors continued next week, I would write him up for disrespect and disruption.

Within less than a minute, she was being disrespectful and disruptive, bringing up irrelevent issues (he’s going to go to such and such high school and will have a scholarship for college) and untrue accusations (YOU HAVE VIOLATED THE SCHOOL’S POLICIES AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS AGAINST NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!!!)


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Word to your Mother

Last week I was in the school office making copies when a bevy of fifth grade boys was marched in to see an administrator. The boys had been rapping some inappropriate rhymes and were about to be reprimanded-including a phone call home.  Turns out one of the boys’ mother had the same rap as her answering machine message.

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