A few weeks ago I had shaved my beard and got a haircut to usher in the beginning of hot weather without functional air conditioning at school. My fifth and grade students debated whether I was really an imposter, but Ms. Sunshine won the argument by pointing out “he’s got on  a wrinkly shirt and has stains on his pants. That’s still him!”


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5th Grade Temptations

Yesterday a first grade class was lining up in the hallway, their arms folded and cheeks puffed out to show their teacher they were prepared to walk quietly to lunch. I dismissed my group at that moment, and heard a collective gasp travel across the boys and girls lines, following the path of  a large 5th grade student I call “Ms. Sunshine.”

A wide eyed little girl whispered to me, “Sh..she stuck her middle finger out at us!!!”  Ah, such innocence! I wrote Ms. Sunshine up and she received an in-school suspension. Ms. Sunshine now refuses to speak to me or make eye contact.

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