As a teacher, I’m not qualified to make any sort of diagnosis, but I vainly think I can spot autism after spending a little time with a child. Last December I subbed in a class of 2 year olds and had an enjoyable, stress free time. I subbed a day and a half in the same room last week and was very stressed. A few new students were added that all seemed deveopmentally delayed. Two especially were disruptive. One little guy turned out to be hyperlexic and read dozens of words and numbers, and also spoke in sing song sentences. Another boy hardly spoke at all, except for a few barely recognizable “no”s and “ok”s. This second child enjoyed knocking things over. Both boys tended to ignore their peers except when trying to take  desired toys away from them. Both enjoyed playing with water, including toilet water.  Both were emotionally volatile, rocked, and made little sounds to themselves.

I raised my concerns with their teacher, but she told me their parents were “in denial.” The conventional wisdom seems to be that autism is best addressed at an early age when the symptoms emerge, so I felt like I should say something to the parents, but sadly, it’s none of my business.


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What Are You Wearing

I’ve been subbing as an aide most of this week with 2-5 year olds. During circle time one teacher sang about each child’s clothes. She paused when it was a boisterous 4 year old’s turn, who was dressed in socks with a skull and cross bones and a striped punk rock shirt. The class then learned that the scrawled letter A in a circle on the back of the shirt is a symbol for anarchy.

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It’s funny because it’s true…

My kids are no longer addicted to TV. Our small digital TV only receives a few channels, and those often freeze if you shift weight.  The computer and Nintendo DS have taken the place of the once allmighty television and video cassettes. Take away the Nintendo in the middle of a game and they will weep and wail.

Uncensored – Louis C.K. – This Is Nothing
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Bigger isn’t always Better

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Utah schools that met federal testing goals last year tended to have lower class sizes than those that didn’t, according to a state Office of Education analysis released Friday.


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Sub Doodies

I subbed at a childcare center twice this week. One little guy demanded to go to the bathroom. After a few minutes I checked on him and saw a mound of toilet paper sticking out of the toilet like an iceberg. The little boy was distressed  and glaring at the toilet bowl. He saw me and moaned “I can’t find my poop!”

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