As a teacher, I’m not qualified to make any sort of diagnosis, but I vainly think I can spot autism after spending a little time with a child. Last December I subbed in a class of 2 year olds and had an enjoyable, stress free time. I subbed a day and a half in the same room last week and was very stressed. A few new students were added that all seemed deveopmentally delayed. Two especially were disruptive. One little guy turned out to be hyperlexic and read dozens of words and numbers, and also spoke in sing song sentences. Another boy hardly spoke at all, except for a few barely recognizable “no”s and “ok”s. This second child enjoyed knocking things over. Both boys tended to ignore their peers except when trying to take  desired toys away from them. Both enjoyed playing with water, including toilet water.  Both were emotionally volatile, rocked, and made little sounds to themselves.

I raised my concerns with their teacher, but she told me their parents were “in denial.” The conventional wisdom seems to be that autism is best addressed at an early age when the symptoms emerge, so I felt like I should say something to the parents, but sadly, it’s none of my business.


February 20, 2011. Uncategorized.

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